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Figgy is a non-binary English VTuber who focuses on variety streaming. Their streams are ceaselessly positive & happy playthroughs of online games and RPGs, or geeky & inquisitive "Just Chatting" sessions with a focus on educating (and being educated by) their chat. Figgy is a self-professed "geek extraordinaire" and likes to think of themselves as quite "nice", despite getting easily flustered by any compliments. While their main focus is on Twitch streams, they upload clips with comedic editing to TikTok and YouTube, and plan to do more independently recorded YouTube content in the future.

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There was once a normal boy in a normal world who loved to read fantasy novels - books were his lifeblood. On one fateful browse through a library, a unique book caught his eye: green, shimmery, and authorless, it was titled "The Enchanted Forest". The boy pulled it off the shelf, excited to delve into such an exotic wonder. Little did he know that the moment he flipped open the pages, he'd get sucked into another world.

When Figgy awoke, they found themselves in a forest buzzing with magical energy - and they found themselves changed. Ears, a tail, and a soul that was no longer quite human. Leaves rustled behind Figgy, and they whirled around to see a tiny fox with ten tails and glowing antlers cautiously approaching. The rest? Well, the rest is history.

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