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Cass, the Fae

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Cass, the Fae, is a genderqueer Inkling v-tuber who primarily plays and streams Splatoon 2. Fae uses fae/faer pronouns. Some various labels that Cass feels fits faer include autistic, neurodivergent, autigender, queer, asexual spectrum but not asexual, and aromantic spectrum but not aromantic. Cass wears faer signature outfit, which includes the Pilot Goggles, Annaki Yellow Cuff shirt, and the Pearl Punk Crowns. Cass's ink color can change, but currently fae uses Neon Pink.

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Cass is an Inkling, from the future, who ended up in our time through a mishap involving time travel. Fae was taken in by a human family who was aware of the Splatoon series, and thus was friendly towards faer.

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