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Candypiggy is a Lv.01 fairy tale witch, librarian, artist, and Virtual Tuber/Streamer that primarily streams on YouTube with her lovely friend Mr.Piggy. Her streams are in English and she streams games and arts. She keeps people updated via Twitter for her upcoming streams.

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Once there was a girl with her head in the clouds who came across an old fairy tale book, one she used to love. Reminded of a time long ago, the girl set out to visit a place dear to her; a small library in the Fairy Valley, a treasury of stories that used to fill her eyes with aspirant stars. With her lovely piglet plush, they rediscovered the feys’ bibliotheque. Yet, its keeper; an elderly fairy tale witch, wished to rest & close the place. Thus the timid girl had to decide. Looking at yellowing pages that used to be white, & her piglet's color that used to be a brighter shade of pink, she determined that now is the time to protect the people, place, & dreams that fueled her and perhaps share them with others. Before the gluttonous flow of time consumes more...

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