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She is a bunny who her Goddess Tsumiki transform in to a human so she won't be lonely anymore. She likes plays League of Legend and Azur Lane Tea time Enjoyer Love Cute and Creppy Stuff

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The Goddess of slothness Caminina

At the top of our world in the kingdom of the kamis. Lives the goddess, Tsukimi, with her rabbit assistants. They are in charge of bring the mochi to celebrate autumn. Then you could deduce that since they work alone once a year they have a lot of free time.

but nope

To be able to pay her expenses for beautiful clothes, (she loves to wear pretty clothes) My goddess turned their bunnies into humans servants and granting them an aura with an emblem. Servants would work for other kamis and serve in their palaces

And this is where I come from! Your servant Caminina fium little stars Belonging to the group of assistance and servitude of the goddess I am only to serve the whims of my goddess but I have a lot free time so I dedicate myself to listen the prayers form her devotees and notifes her about them. But my secret is .. I consider myself a very good person and I make the desires to procrastinate come true in short time because who doesn't deserve a day off :3! so you can pray to me to have one! and well basically that. so remember in autumn look at the moon to see if you can find the Bunny

* Curiosity number 1: "Secrets of the goddess Tsukimi: the name Caminina is because of her , who wanted to have a kitten among so many rabbits".

* Curiosity number 2 woawoaoa: In the kami world we slip through the signs humans so we are aware of their tastes and hobbies.

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