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Candy is a newer VStreamer who has yet to debut but plans to around Late March or Early April of 2021 and make English content. Candy's content is centered around making art and playing video games, mostly relaxing games. She tends to bring a more relaxed atmosphere to her streams but enjoys to get rowdy when she can. Even though she swears and makes a ruckus a lot of the time her streams are always SFW. Her general personality is welcoming, outgoing, and engaging. She's quick to stay in touch and enjoys getting others involved via her friends or viewers.

Lore Edit

Candy is a Salamander who used to spend her time as a postal operative. Running around and delivering top secret information when and where she needed to! After never getting called back to run services again she decided to stay home and kick it on her computer, she wanted more information as she used to so she decided to look at streaming as she could watch and observe others. She to talk not about her past as a private messenger. Her old moniker was "Monarch" and she gets nervous and snippy when others call her that. Was her old nickname when she worked for her postal contractor. Those who still call her Monarch tend to fear her or are intimidated by her, implying she was fierce behind that calm nature.

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