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BYTE is a vampire computer virus who streams content in English. She is a variety streamer that mostly plays games and occasionally streams art. She enjoys playing 3D platformers and will frequently 100% them if there's a collecting element to the game. She also enjoys playing Soulslike Games, Roguelikes and recently Horror games (however she is still easily startled when playing them).

Her initial build was launched July 9th 199X. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

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BYTE is a computer virus that was first launched in the late 90's. Her sole function is to infect as many computers as possible and feed off of people's bandwidth and power supply. She has a snarky personality and frequently likes to tease and make fun of the people who's computers she's infected. Despite claiming that she's an evil and malicious piece of software, she has shown to be the exact opposite.


  • She has an intense phobia of snakes as shown in her RE4 playthrough
  • Her software doesn't include the ability to read a map or the ability to have any sense of direction
  • Her fav snacks include SATA cables and grilled cheese with tomato soup
  • She defeated the Capra Demon from Dark Souls 1 on her first try and will never stop bringing it up
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