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Billie Zodiac

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Billie is a Dark Witch Vtuber focusing on comedy and indie/retro gaming content. Having existed for [REDACTED] years; she uses these skills as well as others to entice new sacrifices to her coven in order to siphon affection and energy to maintain her eternal youth and beauty. Billie loves gin and synthwave.

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Born in the town of Spookytown, USA; Billie became interested in the occult at a young age, at the time there were no video games or streaming, so she simply would arrange rocks in amusing fashion while giving them voices until she chased out of town by a raving mob of angry shiny rock salespeople. Flying from place to place on her magical broomstick (Before upgrading to a magical vacuum cleaner sometime in the 20th century) she continues to strive for eternal youth and beauty by feeding off the affection and cheers of her followers.

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