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You finish slicing through a goblin, exhausted from your long travels through the Perilous Dungeon, but you have finally made it... You have reached the treasure room. As you open the giant wooden doors an intense odor of rotten flesh fills your nostrils. thick ooze drips from the doors and the walls. You hear things slithering around in the darkness and then at the very end of the room you see it. Surrounded by hordes of treasure as well as the bones of fallen adventures is none other than Big Sluuma. The Biggest, toughest, and...Happiest Slime Boss!? Big Sluuma smiles at you with a huge grin, "A new friend to join us!" Soon you are surrounded by a horde of lesser slimes that hold you down with their pseudopods. The acid from the lesser slimes burn your skin. Big Sluuma Slides towards you slowly. You can see that it must be at least 30 feet tall and 50 feet wide of just pure slime. Atop Big Sluumas head resides a royal crown (symbolling Big Sluuma as self appointed King of Slimes), It seems the slime can only effect flesh. Big Sluuma is a massive Bulb of Blue colored ooze goodness. Inside Big Sluumas translucent body can be seen bones of other Adventurers who have traveled this way. Big Sluuma goes in for a hug, and you can see for a brief moment that it genuinely doesn't wish to fight as its sparkling excited eyes and gigantic smile tell you. Big Sluuma Blushes as you are submerged into the Slimy Goodness. After less than a minute, your life is forfeit... But you are reborn! You plop out from Big Sluumas slime as a lesser slime and are now a part of Big Sluumas ever growing Kingdom, as your former gear is added to the treasure pile. Now that you are a slime, its time to party the only way slimes can! Throw up them pseudopods and sway back and forward with Big Sluuma!

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