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Beeth Lizagna

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Liz is ditsy, timid, and always overwhelmed...but that doesn't hold her back from having epic digital adventures as a 3D VStreamer!

She will easily get distracted or spooked and will yell and curse a bit too loudly. She is sorry for this.

You can usually find her playing FPS games but she really loves to experiment and try new things.

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Liz was your typical, introverted office worker, leading a simple life of consuming media and doing chores. One day she stumbled upon a really old website that had a very suspicious executable file. Liz can be impulsive (aka dumb), so she decided to take the risk and downloaded what she now knows as UPWOAD. This software allows Liz to upload herself onto the internet anytime she wants!

During the initial sync, Liz swears she selected her species as 'ELF' and her favorite dinner as 'LASAGNA', but somehow the data corrupted and merged together. Liz presents as an elf, but her being is made up of purely lasagna.

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