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Beema is an English Bee-Tuber who focuses on the gaming side of streaming. She mostly plays what she feels like at the moment. However, not everything she plays is good for her mental health. She tends to suffer on games such as Halo Infinite, Elden Ring, Valorant, and Darkest Dungeon. She suffers from this kind of game because it's the "Gamer" thing to do.

Beema is a bee who has a lot of dreams. However, has issues focusing and committing to one said dream. Some of the things she would like to be able to do are... Drawing, Being a true gamer, Writing, Full-time content creator, Create yandere-themed games, Create a comic.

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Beema is a creature shrouded in mystery. However from what we have learned over the year. Beema descends from the Box Headed Blood Bee. The current beema is a Class D organism in her colony. Which makes her a "Humble Honey Gatherer". Using her streams to collect honey FOR THE GREAT CAUSE!

Beema goes by the identity tag of Beema #1202.

In this great colony. Every single bee is an alternate genetically modified clone. Each using their own name (Beema) followed by their number.

Higher ranking Beema's are more insect-like in nature and are often used in conflicts. Higher the classing. The more dangerous the Bee.

So far only Class F and Class D Beema's have been seen.

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