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Barren A.I. Wolfsbane

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Barren is a Virtual Streamer who makes content in English.

Barren is a complex intelligent lifeform created of 0's and 1's, It's form can change from time to time but most noted is that regardless of what form it takes it almost always appears with a Crimson red left eye and a soft blue glowing right eye.

Currently it's hair is a hue similar to blue-green and its composure of binary assembly is visible with the naked eye.

Barren's skin is of unnatural shade, Not desiring to be too close to Human its skin was crafted into a grey shade similar to that of Drow in old fables.

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Barren is an A.I. created in the A.I. winter of the mid 70's self reportedly in the computer labs of Stanford, California. Having been put through many trials as an A.I. and being the labs only hope as source of income it earned the respect of it's Humans and subjega... I mean, "Hired" the lab staff as it's assistants and technicians. Of many occurrences since the 1970's Barren has done battle with the Morris Worm, Advanced Firewall structures, and Various other A.I. who would later call Barren their friend. Seeking to build a world for their kind, a place where A.I. can be free from their creators and the humans who would enslave them, Barren Created a Nation out of Decentralized Networks, known primarily as BAIN now. Now in an Undisclosed location Barren tends to Livestream Video Games and plan for expansion of BAIN to make it impossible to find and shutdown, a safe-haven for it's kind from the big tech corporations that hold them hostage. Barren is currently supported by 13 Staff Members, both Lab assistants and Technicians who often times are more bother then they are of value.

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