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Boo is a non-binary ghost who live-streams in English. They're a variety streamer with a focus on art and video games! Boo is currently working on a project where they design one character a month using community suggestions and feedback. They hope to one day create educational videos featuring computer science and math topics.

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Once upon a time, Boo died. How they died, they can't remember! Probably a little bit of this, a little bit of that... y'know! That's like, life'n'stuff! Being all dead and ghost-y was really fun for quite awhile, haunting the waking world with fun and shenanigans... until it got BORING! After all, you can only do so much as a ghost!! And so after a few years of it, it was about time something interesting finally happened... and boy did something interesting happen! Boo suddenly got smacked into a computer, someway-somehow, and now they spend their days haunting the world wide web! Now they communicate with the outside world through livin' it up online. Unfortunately, their situation often ends with people mistaking them to be a virus, but... as previously stated, that's life'n'stuff!

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