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Azusa (阿梓) is a female Chinese Virtual UP associated with VirtuaReal Link, which is the partnership program of VirtuaReal. As of August 2022, Azusa has over 620 thousand bilibili subscribers, ranking 3rd after Aza and Nanami, in all of the VirtuaReal and VirtuaReal Link members.

Azusa's bilibili page.

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"Hi everyone, my name is Azusa. I am an ordinary otaku girl who likes to sing and play games."

Other people have three ideas in common about Azusa based on their familiarity with her. A very chatty girl. An otaku girl who can't stop thinking. A very easy-to-trick fool who is sold and will help you count your money at the same time. But without doubt, there are no people who will get bored to her words, after all Azusa's words are never self-centric and extravagant. She can always pick up other people's interest to her, and it wasn't her intention, she just only wants to make the things she like kindly show other people, for this reason we agreed that this girl should be thrown in front of the public. After we told her just to turn on her computer, start doing things called live broadcasts and you can buy lots of snacks and games that you always wanted, she agreed undoubtedly agreed like a flash of lightning.

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