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Ayako Kaomi

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Ayako is an English VTuber that usually streams art. She has streamed games like Dark Souls, Phasmophobia, Mario Kart, etc. She is also known for her stinger and logo commissions, making logos for plenty of other English VTubers. Ayako is also known to be pretty lewd at times, making posts about buying certain objects and making jokes while she streams. She often streams with Maya Nezumi, but does stream on her own.

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Ayako was a cow on a farm living the life, eating grass, chilling, and sleeping with the other cows. One night Ayako was grazing and a beam from above sucked her up, a UFO. The aliens tested a new science on her involving turning animals into humans. She turned into a cow girl, completely naked in front of these aliens. They allowed her to stay with them for a while and live on the ship, however she ended up getting kicked off because she wouldn't stop complaining and kept stealing their rations.

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