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Atelier Bec



Atelier Bec, or AtelierBec, is the handle of Bec; an American cartoon VTuber. Bec likes to share his doodles and pixel art, stretches and breathing routines for health and mindfulness, and his deep voice which is a bass-baritone. Most of his stream redeems involve voice acting and character impressions; with caricatures he drew as PNG / GIF avatars.

Bec's smooth voice, calm demeanor, and breathing exercises are noted to put viewers to sleep or put them in the zone to lurk and get work done. As long as people respect each other, he's fine for whatever reason people have for stopping by.

UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 2022: Bec streams on Sunday mornings for 2-4 hours. The first two hours are usually D&D with friends, with doodles and voice acting incorporated into the campaigns and oneshots. If there is additional time, it is typically either more D&D, or casual games or art.

Lore Edit

When asked for his lore, Bec typically responds in a raspy voice, "I'm just a guy. Don't worry about it." However, it has been revealed that he is actually a chaos elemental. His true form is amorphous and potent, and distorts reality and people when it is too close. For the safety of others, his humanoid form is a low power avatar that is safe to approach. This avatar has shapeshifting abilities, is not bound by conventional physics, and is effectively immortal. His true form is said to reside in an eldritch realm; home to raw energy, emotions running wild, lost ideas, and stray thoughts.

Since the workshop displayed on streams is a projection, the "Atelier" in Atelier Bec can be interpreted both as the place where he works and as him; that he is the atelier. It is unknown if he gets together with other eldritch entities or sentient buildings.

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