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Asuka Yomoharu

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Hello! My name is Asuka Yomoharu I am a part of V-Fusion and I'm a very small VTuber, I love rhythm games and Hatsune Miku more then anything my dream job is to be a café worker, I’m always calm and relaxed, but I can be short nerved when I want to be alone, I can be a pain or relaxing when I get in the right mood, I'm not strong but I am fast. Sports are not my thing, but I do stream on twitch and I have a YouTube! I don't mind meeting new people and I can be your best friend if you want!

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Asuka Yomoharu was born a normal Male from Tokyo Japan. He was a normal kid, very quiet and methodic. Never talked much at all. Nor did he read He spent all of his time Being alone. Mostly watching anime or playing video games. Never did he go outside unless it was to go to school. He Met a few friends but he usually hung out with them only at school. Asuka slowly developed a passion for Cats and video editing. He became a test experiment to become a Cat Girl. The test was a failure. He kept his gender. But only gained Cat ears. He enjoyed them, He thought they were cute. He later became a transfer student his high school year. This made him an outcast and it slowly affected his health. Leading him into a rapid depressed state. But his luck changed when he found a girl. This girl is Yoko Kajima. She was rather similar and so they got along very well. This leads to a little more than friendship. They got together and lasted long. Now they happily live together. Living out their years. Asuka does Video editing for a living and Yoko is a stay at home mom.

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