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Armette Dawn

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Armette Dawn is an English speaking Virtual Streamer on Twitch who loves to play Fantasy RPG games, and is a horrible shot in FPS games. Her favourite game series is Dark Souls, her personal best glitchless speedrun in the first is 3h 04min 33sec. Her height is 190cm(6ft 3in), and her birthday is December 18th.

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a Fox Knight trained in Dragon Slaying by her mother, Dawn was taken in by Princess-Regent Charlotte (@charkkyy) of the Vulpinia Kingdom, where she works as protection detail from any potential threats.

Dawn is a Kitsune with only two tails, and as such doesnt hold very powerful magic. Her only ability is an affinity for cold/ice, making her incredibly fire resistant (and very cold all the time, please someone buy her a third space heater).

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