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Ann is a female Virtual Streamer who makes content in English. She mainly streams "The Binding of Isaac" and "Minecraft" but is also the person who started the Hunger Game of Vtuber trend back in November 2020.

Her community loves " bullying " her (in a playful manner ) by creating memes about her.

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Ann used to be a "bad" demon, she never truly behaved as one, her peers who became bored to see her " laze around" decided to ban her from hell one night as she was stargazing in the human realm. Finding out she couldn't come home, she started to wander in the human world, she knew some things after a few years of sneaking out of hell to see the stars she loved so much, she found another human there, stargazing too, taking advantage of the darkness she started to converse with them, they became friends, Ann asked her new friend to not be afraid when they'd see her, and as promised they weren't afraid. They helped Ann look less scary and took her home discreetly to give them food and clothing, that's when Ann discovered streaming, seeing that humans can get happy by seeing other enjoy their things filled her with energy and determination, She decided to be a Vtuber ! Her friend reminded her to keep a human-like appearance to not scare the others, as a lesser demon she does her best to hide her demonic side, but she can't camouflage her horns..

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