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Alisteia is a female Vtuber stationed in GMT+8 who streams on Twitch and uploads covers to YouTube. Currently she uses a customized vroid and is most easily distinguished by the eye motif present in her outfits, overlays, and online interactions. She is prone to panic, but musically as in she prefers to sing her stress out in the hopes that it will fix things.

In terms of natural enemies, hers are stairs.

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The Lonely Realm is a barren city scape overlooked by a putrid, sickly green sky. In it, things are left in stasis as if mere seconds ago it had been teeming with life, but there is only Alisteia and things that appear human but aren't. A treacherous world stationed between the borders of reality, Alisteia attempts to crossover through the use of dreams, the internet and various other frequencies, validating her existence in other dimensions until perhaps she is finally able to anchor herself elsewhere once and for all...

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