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Alex is kind and welcoming Virtual YouTuber who loves to play games such as Pokemon, Dark Souls and the occasional Dragon Ball FighterZ! What he lacks in charisma he makes up with wholesomeness! Always striving to bring a chill and relaxing vibe to the room, you can always catch him listening to music that ranges from rock, metal, punk to Jpop and even video game OSTs! He loves horror games but rarely gets scared of them! In fact, everything else besides horror games scares him actually.

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A hyena born to the alpha female that exiled him after gaining a human body thanks to a genie. Along with given a special ability to shapeshift into weapons, the Genie locks away the hyena for a long time. Eventually time passes and the hyena wakes up, forming a soul link to be an immortal Roman warrior's weapon. Life with a human body has not been easy but with the help of his Meister he's able to overcome any obstacle!

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