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Alcor is a female Virtual Streamer who primarily streams herself drawing and playing comfy games. She loves Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and cute things. Alcor drew her own models and frequently works on emotes for herself and other streamers. Occasionally, she sings karaoke.

Alcor's catchphrase is "welcome to my tunaverse!", and she refers to her fans as 'Alcorholics'.

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Once upon a time, there was a lonely fish drifting aimlessly in space. For as long as she could remember, she had always been alone; a fish without a school, a star without a galaxy.

The universe is home to billions upon billions of galaxies, each with its millions or trillions of stars. The fish thought, surely there was someone out there, someone like me! So she swam through the star sea, calling out into the emptiness: can anyone hear me?

Eventually, the fish came across a blue planet where life flourished. Here she made a home, a home with many friends. She was content, yet she still wondered. Are there other wanderers out there, others like her?

And so she continues searching, using the waves of the “livestream” to guide her way.

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