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Akiyama Shirayuki

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May 2, 2019
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Every 11 Day(s)
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This channel is for rosario vampire from Rosario + Vampire (Japanese: ロザリオとバンパイア, Hepburn: Rozario to Banpaia, literally "rosary, and vampire") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akihisa Ikeda. The story revolves around Tsukune Aono, a boy who inadvertently enrolls in a boarding school for monsters. Am the brother of mizore to Am a Yuki-Otoko am Filipino too Games and video reaction and also vtuber already hello everybody if your a gacha tuber like ask reactions please don;t think am selfpromo i only want to ask reaction videos

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I walk down the halls of Yokai Academy, my sister Mizore holding my arm. We approach our new class after weeks of not attending school, we had other business to attend to instead of going to a useless class.

We walk in the door, and there it is, our new classmates and teacher.

"Hi there!~" Our teacher said, I half waved and nodded at her. "Ok everyone, these are your new classmates." She turned to us, "Please introduce yourselves!"

"(Akiyama Shirayuki." I said, Mizore squeezed my arm, "And this is my sister, Mizore Shirayuki." I heard the class murmur about us, but only for a second.

"Alright, please take your seats!" The teacher told us, we sat in the back next to a girl with pink hair, some guy, and a.... 'She's.... Beautiful....' I thought, there was a girl with short blue hair with a small bow in the back. She looked at me with a smile, I blush and look away.

After class the girl with pink hair and the guy approaches me and Mizore.

"Hello, I'm Moka Akashiya! Welcome to our class!" Moka smiles at us

"And I'm Tsukune Aono!" Tsukune says and waves, I can see Mizore staring at him. But my attention isn't on them, it's on the other girl.

"What's her name?" I ask quietly, point at the girl with blue hair. Moka looks over and says,

"Oh that's Kurumu! Would you like me to get her for you?" I nod, "Kurumu, come introduce yourself!" She calls out. 'Kurumu? That's a pretty name...' I think to myself. Kurumu walks over and looks at us, she smiles and waves.

"Hey, I'm Kurumu Korono! You guys must be new here right?" She asks

"Not exactly...." Mizore half whispers, I squeeze her hand telling her off.

  • Weeks later brought to you by your lazy Author-chan!

Weeks have now passed and we are now good friends with Moka, Tsukune, Kurumu, and a little girl named Yukari Sendo. We're on our summer break in the human world have fun on the beach. Me and Kurumu become wonderful friends always go to each other when we have a problem, but yet I fear that's all we'll ever be....

I sit by myself under an umbrella because I don't really like the sun, it's too hot for me I prefer the cold... Yukari comes over and sits by me poking my side getting my attention.

"Why don't you come into the water and have some fun with us?" She asks, I pat her head and say,

"I don't really want to, I wanna sit here and be cold but it's much too hot for that." I frown and stare at the water, Yukari frowns and looks to me with worry.

"Is something on your mind? I'm here if you need me!" She says reassuringly, I look down at her and say,

"Well there is one person on my mind, but I fear it'll never happened with her..." She gasps

"Who is it?! Tell me!" Yukari yells, the other stop what their doing and look at us weirdly. I quickly cover Yukari's mouth shutting her up

"Really did you have to yell it?!" I whisper-yell at her (Like what you do with your siblings when you try to get them to shut up when you hit them and they start to cry)

But I was too late, they had all come over and asked what was going on.

"What's flat chest yelling about?" Kurumu asks with a grin, Yukari uncovers her mouth and says,

"One, I'm not flat! And two, (Aki) has a crush!" I turn a deeps shade of pink and cover my face, I look up and see them staring at me in awe as if they've never seen me with an expression other than bored.

"Who do I have to kill?" Mizore says protectively

"Mizore that's not nice!" Moka says lightly hitting her head. "(Aki) doesn't have to tell us if they don't want to!"

"No, I wanna know! Come on (Aki) tell us!" Kurumu urges, I shake my head no standing up and quickly walking away from the group.

  • 2 hours later

Kurumu POV

'Damnit! (Aki) has a crush already?! It was supposed to be me! I want them!' I think pinching myself for not trying hard enough with them, I wanted to win (Aki)'s heart by not using magic and just being me... But it looks like that wasn't it.... I've had a slight crush on them since I first laid eyes on them, their shy personality and quiet voice... When they smile and laugh, even if it's just a small one it always makes my heart flutter....

"Kurumu come on! We're gonna go look for (Aki), they still haven't come back!" Tsukune calls to me.

I grab my sweater and head out, I need to find (Aki) so they can tell me who it is!

We start by looking through the sunflower field, not there... Then the along the rocky side of the beach, not here either... After an hour of searching we still can't find them, I decided to go for a walk to clear my mind for a bit.

Then I see it, a medium sized ice crystal close the the edge of the cliff! I run over to see if (Aki)'s there, I sigh in relief as I see them sleeping softly under the ice. They looked so peaceful in this state, not having a worry in the world and not a single thought in their head. I sit down next to them and place my hand on theirs, it was soft and smooth...

"Kur- Kurumu....?" (Aki) mumbles half asleep, I rest my head on their shoulder still holding their hand.

"Yes?" I say looking at them

"Did you know... That I love you...?" They mumble still half asleep, I blush deeply and hold their hand tighter.

"Did you know, that I l-love yo- you too?" I stutter slightly taken aback from what they said. (Y/N) sighs, smiles softly, and places their arm over my shoulder holding me close.

"Well that's a relief.... Can we stay here, like this for a little while?" They ask, I nod and close my eyes. "Thanks..." After a few minutes I can tell that they've drifted off again, I'm sleepy too so I might as well... Fall asleep too....

  • In the morning

3rd POV

"Well I guess I know who I have to kill now...." Mizore says as she stares at Kurumu and (Y/N)

"Mizore that's still not nice!" Moka says lightly hitting her head again

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