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Akari is a Trans Penguin VTuber. She is known for being a cozy, sleepy streamer. She is most commonly found playing a Nintendo game or playing other cozy games. She is found streaming on another users channel by the name of SkylarMarieRose, and plans to move by late March to Youtube for their content.

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In late November winter Akari was out playing in the snow, when she happened to spot some hurt penguins in the distance. Upon spotting them she had decided to chase them across the hilly snow sides she resided in. Upon chasing them for a time Akari became lost and began to wonder about to locate her home only realizing in her haste it had begun to snow heavily and is now in quite low visibility. Upon wandering for a time, she took shelter in a cave to avoid the harsh winds and soon rested. Upon waking she was greeted by the same penguins she had previously seen and was chasing after only they held food in their beaks and looked to want her to take their offering, she reluctantly accepted the food, and much to her amazement she appeared to be treated as if she was the local penguin lord. The penguins soon led her back to her lonely home and for a few years she led the local penguins and helped them as they grew.

Soon one day upon Akari’s local strolls on the local nesting grounds and tending to the hatchlings she met a strange woman who would change her entire life and her beach forever...

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