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Akari is a Virtual YouTuber who makes content in English. She plays a variety of games and collabs with her friends. She has a few old videos from before her VTuber debut on her YouTube channel.

Akari is a member of the Cutie Corps at the Maverick Rank

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Akari's screen name is Akari_Enderwolf, however her name is actually Akari Tsukino. Her mother is Rena Tsukino, a Wolf-girl.

She's the Ender Princess, as well as a Cyber Princess, she views herself in such way for fun. She plays a Ender Princess when playing on a Minecraft roleplay server with her friends and family, and has her own cyberspace that she considers as her kingdom.

Akari's left arm is cybernetically augmented and has a variety of functions including 2 standard functions, a flashlight and being able to directly link in to her cyberspace, and a number of other specialized functions dependent on how the attached arm was printed. New arms can be designed within her cyberspace and then 3d printed to attach to a socket augment on her upper arm.

Akari also possesses cybernetic augmentation around her spine, which provides her with energy wings that she can activate and deactivate with a thought. These wings flap like normal wings when in atmosphere and utilize advanced thrust technology to be able to produce similar movement in a vacuum.

Species wise, she is a Bunnine girl, being half-bunny, and half-wolf due to her parents. Though you might not always see it her tail is rather floofy and soft.

She wears glasses to help her eyes with UV light sources, as they give her migraines, and with every home having mandated "sun like" lighting in addition to UV from the sun, she tends to wear them whenever she can. She also has Nyctophobia, a extreme/panic inducing fear of the dark.

When entering Cyberspace her Mind/soul are digitized and recompiled into an AI state, then decompiled when returning to her body. When in her AI state it leaves her body as being akin to being in a coma.

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