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Ajisai Aozora

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An aspiring freelance artist with a passion for flora and a crippling weakness for monster girls. This stream is dedicated towards showing off progress as a beginner artist. Both souls working together as one to grow along side a group of people with a similar mindset and goal of achieving their dreams.

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Ajisai is a hybrid between a nekomata queen and river dragon king. Due to the nature of her being, she is forced to live in an isolated pocket dimension within the spirit realm. There...she’s lived a lonely existence as “The Forgotten Princess” to those who knew about her. With her powers she cried for help and forged a connection to the human realm. She found a human with the same pain and same name, Hydrangea. Their spirits intertwined and they became one. Existing on both planes of existence they wanted to explore one another’s worlds. Together, they’d never be alone again...

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