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Aislin Asem



Aislin is an english in-character style vtuber who streams gaming, art, and some miscellaneous other things occasionally. She gives off a gentle big sister personality and can be quite silly and quirky at times despite her graceful appearance.

While primarily going by She/Her, she is Genderfluid and also goes by They/Them, and doesn't mind He/Him either. Physically Aislin is female.

Lore Edit

Aislin was born of a crystallized star fragment that absorbed the emotions and dreams of humans upon crashing to Earth.

This crystallized star became then a 'Starseed' which she was born from. The crystal or 'Starseed' on her chest holds her soul and is the source of her life, as well as it is her weakest point. However, it needs to absorb sun/moonlight so it must stay exposed.

Her unique appearance is because born from a star and the dreams of humans, she turned out beautifully chaotic. She has many things within her that cause such an appearance; human, faun, unicorn, satyr, elf, and fae. Just as dreams often are beautifully chaotic, so thus is she as well.

The magic crystal around her body that is not the Starseed on her chest are crystalized dream essence. Having such as her hooves gives her the ability to walk between dimensions of the Dreamscape, and Reality.

Aislin explores various Dimensions and Timelines due to passing through the Dreamscape which is connected to everything, due to this, she goes on adventures to many places, though her most exciting may be in the Dreamscape itself as she fights Nightmares in order to protect beautiful dreams.

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