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08/20/2022 - or TBA
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Aicute loves to play games and chat with her community. She sometimes illustrates or draws on stream. She loves fashion, music, anime, games and foods. She doesn't appreciate toxicity and won't tolerate it as it seems twitch culture often has that from time to time. Sometimes she gets lonely which is why she decided to stream so that she could connect with people that have the same interests as her.

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A little dragon named Ai, which can mean love(愛) and mean child(아이). Born in the forest all alone. She's still a baby dragon so she needs all the love and care from those she meets. Foxes took her in and raised her since she seemed to be abandoned by her kind or perhaps the last of her kind. She developed fox features to protect herself from humans and is able to shape shift.

I was hatched in a forest all alone. No sight of my dragon mother. However, a mother fox found me and adopted me because my baby fur resembles that of a fox. I’ve kept up the appearance of a fox because it seemed like humans would try to capture me if I stayed in dragon form. To survive - I shape shifted between fox and human.

To this day I’m still figuring out the mysteries in my history of being brought into the world. In search of my dragon mother - who I worry may have been captured by the humans. Or perhaps - like me - she is blending in and I’m on a journey to find her or my dragon family. The mysteries of how my shape shifting powers work and if there are others like me.

Throughout my time living with the humans, they have discovered something to which you call “the internet” I decided to take it upon myself to indulge in such a space. In hopes of finding more information and knowledge on my dragon family. However, throughout the process I’ve discovered different kinds of connections in which I hope to maintain in my search for my family and my origins.

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